Taylor Rental and Party Plus – Do You Have…? – Taylor Does!

by Rona Mann

Left to right: Sam Redway, Traci Redway, Colby Redway, James Allen (in machine) photo by Stephanie Sittnick

You’re having a party, but you do not have 24 matching cups, saucers, plates, glasses, or anything else for that matter. Who does? Taylor does!

You’re having the wedding reception in the backyard, or at that great rustic barn you rented; and it’s up to you to provide the linen, the chairs, and that old fashioned trellis your daughter has her heart set on, but who has it? Taylor does!

You’re in charge of an outdoor event, and everyone’s praying for a sunny day. But this is New England; and well, you know how that goes. So just in case, you probably should have a tent. But where are you going to get one for a fair price? Who’s going to deliver it, set it up, take it down? And what about tables, chairs, and all those other things you’re going to need. Who’s got them? Taylor does!

You know Taylor…Taylor Rental. You’ve always known that name, but maybe you’ve forgotten everything they have and everything they can do to make your next event not only a success, but effortless as well. Or, it’s possible that maybe you never knew. Well  then, it’s time to get familiar with your shoreline Taylor Rental, conveniently located right on the Post Road in Westbrook, with literally thousands of “everything-you-needs” right there in their enormous inventory, ready to complement whatever ideas you’ve got or haven’t even thought of yet.

The first thing you need to know is that there are hundreds of Taylor Rentals all over the United States, but they’re not all alike. Each is individually owned and operated, which is why you’re so lucky to live right here so you can do business with Westbrook Taylor Rental, a company that’s been in the same family for over half a century. That means they know: they know their business, they know what their customers want and need, and they know this area: the parks, the reception facilities, the rules and regulations of what you can and can’t do. So when you call Taylor Rental in Westbrook and ask, “Do you have?” chances are pretty darn good, they do. And when you wonder, “Are we able to do that there?” they’ll know. And when you say, “I have no idea what I want.” They’ll say, “Well, come on in and let’s discuss it. We’ve got lots of ideas!”

There’s a name behind the Westbrook Taylor name, and that name is Redway. Traci and Colby Redway. Traci’s in-laws started the business back in the ‘60s, so Traci learned early on how to find hard-to-find things, how to simplify complicated things for customers, and most of all, how to make people relaxed and happy. She is joined by her daughter Colby, now the third generation of Redways to successfully make Taylor Rental  the shoreline’s go-to spot for…well, everything!

“We are both equipment and party rental,” Traci informed. “At one time we had everything under one roof, but we added so much inventory that in 2005 we moved the party rental business across the street, but we’re both still right here, ready to serve customers with whatever they want and need.”

And what people need varies so much that Traci and Colby invite people to come in to their location; or better yet, call and make a personal appointment. That way you can reap the extensive benefits that their years of experience have amassed.

“Brides usually know exactly what they want. They come in here with pictures, and that’s great,” says Traci. “But we also can advise and make suggestions for those who don’t know where to begin…and for customers at every level in between,” adds Colby.

Much as you would hire an event planner, wedding planner, or party planner, you’ll want to take advantage of the Taylor experience as much as possible. As opposed to an event or wedding planner, there is absolutely no charge for their services, just for the items you rent. And rentals can be for as little as a few hours to a few days to even longer periods of time. Costs are adjusted to reflect this, so it makes even more sense to come in, sit down, and let Colby and Traci take the stress out of any plans you’re making.

“That’s what we do; what we’ve been doing for years. Parties and weddings are 99% happy events, so there should be no stress whatsoever. Let us do the worrying for you,” laughs Traci.

For those solemn events such as funerals, Westbrook Taylor Rental can assist in every way with everything from extra chairs for the service, to extra flatware and glassware for the collation that follows. What customers and potential customers need to know is there is no minimum order…you can rent one punch bowl for your party, or one larger table for your Thanksgiving feast, or a wedding’s worth of stuff for 500 guests! And that’s also the case across the street at Taylor Equipment Rental which is geared for both the sometime do-it-yourselfer as well as the professional contractor. At Taylor Equipment Rental you’ll find both indoor and outdoor equipment from wallpaper and carpet steamers, to landscaping equipment, floor buffers, sanders, and strippers, snowblowers, paint sprayers, ladders, and anything else you can think of to build, improve, or renovate.

You can go online (www.westbrooktaylor.com) and browse their catalog if you’d like; but if you really want to explore all possibilities and options, you really must stop at 155 Post Road in Westbrook to see “what’s in store,” whether you’re planning on refinishing your floors, tearing out some shrubs, or tearing up the dance floor at your next party or event.

And while you’re there, spend a little time with Taylor’s official people greeter, “Mac,” a seven month old puppy who’s becoming the LeBron of the dog world. This gentle giant will charm you while Traci and Colby de-stress you, consult with you, and take care of every single detail you’ve got on that list of yours.

So if you’re wondering if your Westbrook Taylor Rental has a cotton candy machine, linens in every shade of blue or green or pink or whatever you need, flatware, a popcorn or snow cone machine, leaf blowers, tillers, trimmers, aerators, drills, mini stoves, big tents, little tents, small engine repair, archways, and more, just stop in or call and ask,

“Do you have…”?

Yup, Taylor does!

Taylor Rental is at 155 Boston Post Road (Rt. 1) in Westbrook. (860) 669-2832 www.westbrooktaylor.com