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Advertising with INK Publications is a great way to reach tens of thousands of new potential clients who look to Ink as their premier guide to finer living in Connecticut. Each month INK is distributed to over 200 fine retail shops, salons, galleries, restaurants, cafes, libraries, and town halls throughout the state. Our printed editions are not your typical “throw aways’ and have often been referred to as coffee table books. Our issues are shared and passed on from reader to reader. We have many great opportunities available for you to promote your business or organization in both our print magazine and 24 hours a day here on our interactive website. INK engages your new valued customers.

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Partner Testimonials

“Since the very first issue of INK magazine landed on my desk, I knew that the Ivoryton Playhouse had to be a part of it. The color, the style, the fascinating stories – every inch of it was so appealing to the mind and the senses. Such a glorious treat! Copies of the magazine are snatched up instantly and people come back to the theatre looking for them constantly. And the best part is that we know our ads are seen and not taken straight to the recycling bin like so many other pieces of mail. ”

Jacqueline HubbardExecutive/Artistic DirectorIvoryton Playhouse

“Middlesex Hospital is proud to advertise in INK magazine. The strategic distribution of the publication allows us to share information about our innovative treatments and technologies with communities along the Shoreline and beyond. Middlesex Hospital stands for high-quality health care and INK magazine’s high-value publication conveys the quality of our care.”

Laura MartinoMiddlesex Hospital

“Our customers respond with such positive feedback about the great articles in every issue of INK! Each issue features high quality photography, editorial as well as great looking and effective advertising. The many Ink followers can not wait to be inspired by latest issue, snatching them up before the week is over! Today, many retailers will argue that print advertising is a dying art, but the success of our advertising in INK tells us it’s here to stay!”

Vickie & Jeff CottonBlue Moon Artisans

Ink is not just a magazine, it is a piece of art created by and for the beauty and lifestyle of southern New England.  Artistic and elegant, readers anticipate and enjoy a collaboration of not only articles, but of businesses with a unique understanding of our beautiful spot in the world.  Many thanks!

Jan NelsonSeal Creatives

“I look forward to reading INK every month from cover to cover and offer copies to all my clients. Your featured articles and unique photography help support the efforts of small businesses like mine.  Thank you!”

Helene ValentineValentine interiors

“Always impressed with the quality of the INK publication along with the variety of people, places, businesses captured so vividly each month, it was an easy decision for us to begin advertising in INK Magazine. Saltwater Farm Vineyard has happily advertised in INK since 2012. We could not have been more pleased with the glowing article featuring the Vineyard written by Rona Mann in the September 2014 edition of INK.”

MERRILY CONNERYsaltwater farm vineyard

“the staff at Ink are super creative and great to work with, I always look forward to the next issue”

Peter DaitchPeter Daitch Photography

“As a small business owner it’s so difficult to decide on the right platform for an advertisement. I am delighted  that we chose Ink magazine to showcase our business. The graphics, photography, and our interview was handled very professionally yet captured our personal story eloquently. Most important of all –it truly brought results and new clients for our small business…”

Rosemary BarclayBonne Sante

“It’s very hard to know if your advertising dollars are working for you so our philosophy is to advertise in a publication will be kept and view ed over, and over again.  INK magazine is amazing each and every month.  The articles are about our area, our lives, our people.  They are beyond interesting, they’re inspiring.  The quality of photography, stories and ads are all so superb that people just can’t throw them away.  They become coffee table books!”

Joyce Piacente Operations ManagerPenny Lane Pub


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